Abstract FAQs



Frequently Asked Questions

When can I submit my abstract for consideration? 
AES accepts abstract submissions in the spring each year.  

Will AES be accepting Late Breaking abstracts? 
A late breaking call for abstract will be open September 1 through 30. Submissions are due by Thursday, September 30 at 11:59 PM PST.

What are the fees for Late Breaking abstracts? 
$75 non-refundable fee for Fellows members, $100 non-refundable for Fellows non-members, $100 non-refundable fee for Non-Corporate submissions, and $300 non-refundable Corporate fee.  

I completed the payment task (and was emailed a payment receipt) on my abstract but have not yet received a submission confirmation, am I done? 
No, submitting your payment DOES NOT mean your abstract has been submitted for review. In order to submit your abstract, you must complete all tasks on your list. Once all tasks are complete, click PREVIEW and SUBMIT to review your submission and SUBMIT to finalize. If you have not received a confirmation email, your submission is NOT complete.  

When will I know if my abstract has been selected? 
Notices are sent to submitters in August for original submissions. For late breaking submissions, notices are sent in mid-October. 

Will there be an e-poster hall? 
Yes. All accepted abstracts will be featured in the online poster hall. Select abstracts will be invited to present onsite in Chicago. 

When will I be notified if I was selected for the in-person poster hall? 
First authors will be notified via email in early September of poster present times, registration information, acceptance deadlines, and logistical information. 

If my abstract is selected, do I have to attend the meeting? 
Yes. All poster presenters are required to register for and attend the meeting. You must register for the meeting separately; this will not be done automatically. Prior to confirming travel arrangements, please review timing and instructions to be sure you are available for poster setup, author present times, and removal times. 

If your poster is being presented in the e-poster hall only, the presenting author must register for the digital version of the meeting or attend in person. More information is forthcoming. 

I am the first author of an abstract but am unable to attend. What should I do? 
AES prefers that the first author of all abstracts be present. If a first author is unable to attend, any co-author may present. Contact AES Education Coordinator Jill Hunt jhunt@aesnet.org with updated author information. 

Can I be the first/presenting author on more than one abstract? 
No. You may only be first and presenting author on one abstract. 

Are photography and videography permitted in the poster hall? 
Photography is permitted only in poster sessions with the permission of the authors. If a presenting author does not want to permit photographs, this will be indicated on their poster with a 'no photos' placard. Violation of this policy may result in removal from the session and possible revocation of meeting registration. 

What size should my poster be? 
The poster board is 4' x 8' with usable space of 44 7/8" x 90 7/8" (horizontal format). AES does not specify a size for the poster itself, but it must fit within the size of the board. AES provides push pins. 

Is A/V available in the poster hall? 
No. AES does not allow or provide audio/visual in the poster area. 

When will abstracts be published on the AES website? 
All accepted abstracts will be available online approximately two weeks before the annual meeting. All abstract content is embargoed until that time. 

When will abstract award recipients be notified of their awards? 
Award winners are notified in early September when acceptance notices are sent. Only those selected for awards are contacted. 

Where can I print my poster? 
AES works with the convention center and/or the headquarter hotel business center to provide on-site printing options. Details will be posted as soon as they are available. On-site printing is the responsibility of the abstract author(s) including payment, approval of poster, pick-up, etc.