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Epilepsy is the most common and potentially devastating neurological disease that affects people across the lifespan:

  • 1 in 26 people will have epilepsy in their lifetime.
  • Seizures know no boundaries, striking any age, any socio-economic level, and any ethnicity.
  • Between 2.2 and 3 million Americans, including almost 400,000 children, live with epilepsy. Of those, one-third suffer treatment-resistant seizures that do not respond to currently available medications.

Epilepsy Currents


Epilepsy Currents, the Journal of the American Epilepsy Society

Epilepsy Currents is a bi-monthly open access current-awareness journal providing reviews, commentaries and abstracts from the world’s literature on the research and treatment of epilepsy. Epilepsy Currents surveys and comments on all important research and developments in a format that is easy to read and reference. An outstanding Editorial Board reviews the literature and assigns topics and articles to world experts for comment. In addition, the Editors commission review articles on important subjects.

Featured Resources

Performance Improvement Activity | In-Patient EMU: Ictal and Post-Ictal Awareness and Localization Testing in Focal Seizures

This performance improvement project will give clinicians the resources necessary to create and implement a standardized ictal and post-ictal examination protocol for focal seizures that includes all exam features required by NAEC accreditation criteria, provide training on appropriate seizure exam goals and techniques, and understand the utility of specific exam items in highlighting specific clinical information.

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New PI-CME Activity

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Performance Improvement Activity | Outpatient Clinic: Screening for Quality of Life in Patients with Epilepsy

Screening for quality of life should occur at every outpatient appointment. This performance improvement activity details why screening for quality of life is important, helps learners increase knowledge on validated quality of life screening tools available for the epilepsy patient population, and assists the learner in creating interventions to improve baseline of screening using quality improvement methodologies.

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New PI-CME Activity

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