AES EEG Learning Curriculum

The AES EEG Learning Curriculum (AESELC) is a free self-paced online EEG course. AESELC is recommended for junior neurology residents and is comprised of nine mini-courses containing didactic lectures, multiple-choice quizzes, and structured EEG assessment tools that feature case-based scrollable EEG samples. Learners can interpret the EEG and compare their interpretation to that of an expert in the field.

AESELC Courses:

  • Neurophysiology and Technical Aspects of EEG
  • Normal Adult EEG
  • Normal Pediatric and Neonatal EEG
  • Abnormal Non-epileptiform EEG
  • Abnormal Epileptiform EEG
  • Syndromic Approach to Abnormal EEG in Epilepsy and Related Disorders
  • Critical Care EEG
  • Clinical Application and Utility of EEG
  • Advanced EEG


View the AESELC video demonstration (7m 44s)